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ETHC 201

Ethics & Patient Safety

Course Code: ETHC 201

Credit: (2)

Medical ethics has been defined as “the analytical activity in which the concepts, assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, reasons and arguments underlying medico-moral decision making are examined critically”. Medical ethics at the 2-year Pre-Professional Program, KSAU-HS is well integrated into the multidisciplinary courses across the different phases of the curriculum. In these sessions, students will acquire knowledge and skills needed to resolve ethical conflicts in care. The objective is to provide students with an appreciation of ethics generally, and how important ethics is for every day clinical practice, as well as to equip them with the ability to address ethical concerns of the patients. Thus, the orientation of undergraduate ethics teaching is towards professional ethics, as opposed to philosophical ethics. By the end of their training, students should be aware of the most important ethical aspects of medical care and have an approach to understanding and managing ethical dilemmas when they occur.